[Frente de Madrid]

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Illustrations and Photographs Regional Library of Madrid [Frente de Madrid] (1936) - Anónimo, S.XX    

Library: Regional Library of Madrid

Title: [Frente de Madrid]

Publication: [London] : Keystone View Company, 1936

Physical description: 1 fotografía : papel gelatina, monocromo ; 242 x 189 mm en h. de 254 x 203 mm

Type of content: Imagen (fija ; bidimensional ; visual)

Type of media: sin mediación


Other authors: Keystone View Company

Document type: Illustrations and Photographs Illustrations and Photographs

Related subjects: Historia 1936-1939 (Guerra civil) Fotografía España 1936-1939 Madrid (Comunidad Autónoma)


Regional Library of Madrid
Ubicación: Gráfico — Call number: Mg.XXVIII/1420 — Notes: Sello en tinta azul con los datos de la agencia, en tinta roja con costes de reproducción y en tinta negra con los datos de envío a Manchester Nota mecanografiada adherida al verso: "Fighting again on Madrid front. / (Picture by air.) 17.12.36. / Fighting has broken out again on the Madrid front, after a fortnight's lull, and according to latest results over 100 people have been killed in bombing raids. / O.P.S. Government troops throwing tins of dynamite, during a Street battle in a Madrid suburb. / 37/S Keystone."; y en pintura azul: "L-P270"

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